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LIA Therapy, treatment of the stars...

The Natural Face Lift

LIA Therapy stands for "Lymph Drainage, Incadescent Massage, and Accupressure". It lifts the muscles using the therapist's own body electricity. Removes puffiness around the eyes, lifts double chins and at the same time offers a complete spiritual enlightenment.

Therapists are specially selected through personal interview for training in this remarkable therapy. The intensive course enables Therapists to offer their clients this unique treatment and discover the personal benefits it can offer themselves.

How does it Work?

This pioneered treatment is called LIA Therapy, which stands for "Lymph Drainage, Incandescent Massage and Acupressure". During her years as a beauty therapist Deborah discovered that by applying a combination of massage movements and pressure points to areas on the face, neck and shoulders thus drawing energy from the spine, incredible results were immediately gained. More research led Deborah to understand the scientific reasoning behind her treatment. Scientifically the brainwave fluctuates from 22 cycles per second, to 10 or 11 cycles per second. With the pressures of day to day life, our brains are often running at the higher level of 22 cycles per second, at this level our body is unable to repair and becomes susceptible to illness and infection. Part of the LIA Therapy concept is to bring the brainwave down to the lower level of 10 or 11 cycles per second where the body's healing process takes place and the sense of well being is immediately restored.

Having had the LIA Therapy, I am in a position to tell you first hand that this is more than your average facial. It is an incredibly powerful experience that leaves your skin looking radiant as well as delivering an incredible feeling of total euphoria.

The specifically designed creamers and oils appropriately named "Heaven", have been created by Deborah to work in conjunction with the LIA Therapy by working on the moisture reserve of the skin and contain vital herbs, vitamins, essential oils and more recently oxygen.

The Heaven products themselves are also the result of year's worth of research. As a fully organic product, they contain no preservatives what so ever, including the commonly used "Methyl Parabens" which can be found in many face creams and which skin has been known to react to. The removing of preservatives including the potentially harmful "Methyl Paraben" is a scientific break through in it's self and thus a closely guarded secret that Deborah was quick to patent.

LIA Therapy was never intended to be an exclusive secret, and as word spread of this revolutionary treatment, it wasn't long before many famous clients were experiencing it's benefits. "It all exploded at once" explains Deborah. "Suddenly famous names were being linked with LIA Therapy and "Heaven" in national magazines. The phone never stopped ringing with salons around the country asking to stock "Heaven" products and where could they be trained in LIA Therapy". Such was the demand that it was a case of either cloning Deborah or setting up training classes to teach the art to highly qualified therapists throughout Britain. "We opted for the training schools" laughed Deborah and by doing so a snowballing effect has taken place."

In November 2000, LIA Therapy went international when Deborah took her treatment to Hong Kong where the response was and continues to be staggering. The famous hotel chain in Hong Kong are the latest Eastern client to request "Heaven" for their hotels and distributors in the East are currently struggling to meet the demand for this amazing treatment.

"With so many old Eastern techniques making their way into the Western world, it is a privilege to send to the East a truly British technique and an honour for it to have been received in quite the manner it has" says Deborah. January 2001 saw LIA Therapy introduced into Russia and like Hong Kong continues to enjoy a great deal of success. Talks are currently being made with distributors in Australia, Singapore, Thailand and America who are also keen to introduce the therapy into said countries.

2002 saw the momentum gain speed with many big names in celebville enjoying the benefits of LIA therapy and Heaven skincare, some even flying half way round the world for a treatment. (*Names cannot always be mentioned due to client confidentiality). The current icing on the ever growing successful cake for Deborah, is not that a hugely known department store is anchoring to stock Heaven, nor that a well known international skincare company are desperate to get involved, oh no, the fact that style bible Harpers and Queen Magazine have named Heaven products in their top 100 beauty products in the December 2002 issue. That and the fact she was asked to appear on the much publicised current channel 4 show "The Salon" as international therapist to the stars!

I ask Deborah if her growing success in London will mean her selling her Shifnal salon, also named Heaven. She shakes her head vigorously as she tells me. "Over the years I have built up a wide client base of people who in the most part I now count as my friends. These people are incredibly important to me and supportive of me. (This comment is backed up when I am introduced to her staff, all of whom started out on Deborah's beauty couch). Of course, as I'm spending so much time in London it's now impossible for me to be on hand to treat my original clients, but I am very lucky to have built up a fantastic team of therapists all who are trained to the highest level in LIA Therapy and whom I trust implicitly to run the salon in a professional manor in my absence. I'm happy that when I am away I know my clients are in the best possible hands". She also continues to look after these clients by offering them the original price of a LIA therapy.

It is apparent when talking with Deborah that looking after people who helped her at the beginning is very important. She has supplied Telford College of beauty where she trained, with a complete range of Heaven products for their beauty department as a gift. Its refreshing to see that celebrity status hasn't gone to Deborah's head and that her feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

So, what does the future hold for Deborah? "I have currently developed a new range of products, all organic of course with the same technology breakthrough that I have used with my skincare range". This new range includes bath and shower products as well as a range of hair shampoos and conditioners.

"I know that soon all of my products will be a household name," says Deborah with the kind of confidence that guarantees results.

So an incredible treatment with amazing products producing outstanding results.

Your face tells the story of your life, its not possible to change the past, but LIA Therapy will certainly change the way you look in the future.